Cakes and Balloons by Debbie

Cakes and Balloons by Debbie

Cakes and balloons for Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, and all occasions! Based in Sturminster Newton, Dorset.

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Birthday Cake – Pink Duck Cake

Debbie, the talented cake artist behind Cakes by Debbie, has outdone herself once again! Her latest creation, the whimsical Duck Cake, is a delightful treat that combines rich flavours with eye-catching design.

The foundation of the cake is a triple-layered chocolate sponge. Each moist layer is infused with cocoa goodness, creating a velvety texture that melts in your mouth. The chocolate sponge is Debbie’s signature—light, airy, and utterly irresistible.

Hidden within those layers lies a secret: a generous filling of velvety chocolate buttercream. The buttercream adds depth to the cake, balancing the sweetness of the sponge. It’s like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered with each forkful.

Debbie’s artistic flair truly shines in the decoration. She covers the entire cake with a vivid, bright pink icing. The colour pops against the rich chocolate layers, making it a showstopper at any celebration.

But what truly sets the cake apart are its adorable features. Two large, expressive eyes made from fondant gaze out from the cake’s surface. And there, nestled below, is a sunny yellow beak—a whimsical detail that adds character and charm.